Plastic Extrusion

Complex Profiles - Custom Tubing - Secondary Operations

Plasticworks has supplied mile upon mile of custom plastic profiles or plastic extrusion to a large number of satisfied customers. Some have been involved projects that push the process envelope, while others have been simple shapes sketched out on a note pad. Either way, our sales staff will assist you in fine tuning your designs to take full advantage of the unique characteristics of the profile extrusion process.

If you have only a rough outline or concept, we can supply drawings to solidify your ideas. If your designs require secondary operations, we have the tools at our disposal to supply them complete per your specifications for all your plastic extrusion needs. Plasticworks, your custom extrusion company!
Plasticworks Inc. is a supplier of custom plastic parts utilizing various processes such as plastic injection molding, plastic extrusion,
plastic fabrication, plastic vacuum forming, low cost tooling, plastic stamping, rotational molding, blow molding and clamshell packaging.

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