Plastic Injection Molding

Expertise - Tooling Options - Design Assistance

From high precision plastic injection molds to low cost aluminum tooling ... from tight tolerance insert molding to heavy wall structural foam, Plasticworks is your source for custom plastic injection molded components. We work in standard materials such as ABS and Polyethylene on through engineering grade materials such as Ultem and Ryton. Press sizes range from 40 to 1100 tons, shot sizes over 13 pounds.

We also supply standard or custom bobbins and coil forms to the electronics and transformer industries. If we don't have what you need as a standard item, our modular molding system allows us to manufacture tools to your specification at a very low cost for all your plastic injection molding needs.

We welcome involvement with our customers during the initial design stages of any project to ensure process compatibility. Your engineers are always encouraged to call on us for any information necessary to assist in product development.
Plasticworks Inc. is a supplier of custom plastic parts utilizing various processes such as plastic injection molding, plastic extrusion,
plastic fabrication, plastic vacuum forming, low cost tooling, plastic stamping, rotational molding, blow molding and clamshell packaging.

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