SCUM PRO WWTP Skimming Rake

All of the features you need and want! Rugged, ergonomic and functionally efficient.

• Floats if dropped into water!
• Light weight, heavy duty aluminum construction
• Field Evaluated and Tested by WWTP Operators
• Made in the USA

All components float for reduced operator strain.

The head has an integral foam filled flotation chamber to maintain a set level of buoyancy when debris is being raked towards the operator-, thereby reducing back strain. Accidentally drop the Scum PRO in the tank and it stays on top for easy retrieval. Pole sections are sealed at each end.

Light weight, heavy-duty aluminum construction.

Blade measures 28" wide x 6" high with ends formed slightly inward to help retain debris and foam. Choice of Heavy Duty 2-pc 12' or 3-pc 18' poles with bolted connections.

Field evaluated and tested by WWTP operators.

Field tested by people who do the work. We have incorporated all of the features they asked for, including curved edges on the blade, poles more rigid than pool poles, all components float including the poles, strong pole connector on the blade.

Shipping Weight* Price

Head Only:       3 lbs $114.90
With 12' Pole:   8 lbs $204.90
With 18' Pole: 11 lbs $244.90
*All shipped UPS

Scum Pro
Scum Pro Head Only
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